work in progress

Iyagbon’s Mirror is a multidisciplinary show involving museums and performing arts venues. The question of provenance and restitution of thousands of artefacts exposed in museums all over Europe is at the centre of a big debate today. This artistic proposition wants to be a powerful trigger of refections crossing over cultures, spaces and art forms.

In a Western museum, an artwork is stolen to become a ritual artefact. The audience is frst surprised and then invited to join the action following the artists along an promenade leaving the museum. Outside an artistic ritual is held, playing with the magical dimension which we are able to create around an object and inviting the audience to experience it.

Iyagbon’s mask

An emblematic bronze mask will be created by Samson Ogiamien (author of Commemorative Head of a King adjacent) in Benin City, Nigeria, together with the royal casters guild. It will be both a traditional and a contemporary artwork representing a new generation of African art travelling to Europe to reconnect with their ancestor’s art in diaspora. The actors of Onyrikon will interact with the mask during the show, and a new ephemeral body for the mask will be created in situ at each adaptation of Iyagbon’s Mirror.